Izzy Pain and Wellness Treatments

Trigger point injections:

Trigger point injection is an in office procedure used to treat a range of myofascial pain. This modality of pain relief utilizes injection of a local anesthetic and often steroid to treat an active trigger point area. A trigger point is an area of muscle that is hypersensitive to touch and can often feel like a “knot” or hardened area of muscle. (more…)

Common Procedures Performed At Izzy Pain and Wellness

Epidural Steroid Injection




This is a minor procedure performed to relieve pain in the cervical [neck], lumbar [low back] and associated radicular symptoms in the arms and legs, respectively. It can also be done in the sacral region as Caudal epidural, especially for patients that had lumbar fusion and persistent sacral pain, below the level of the hardware, with radicular symptoms. (more…)