Izzy Pain and Wellness Treatments

Trigger point injections:

Trigger point injection is an in office procedure used to treat a range of myofascial pain. This modality of pain relief utilizes injection of a local anesthetic and often steroid to treat an active trigger point area. A trigger point is an area of muscle that is hypersensitive to touch and can often feel like a “knot” or hardened area of muscle.

Transforaminal Epidural Steroid injections:
Epidural Steroid injections are a procedure offered by Izzy Pain and Wellness that is currently completed within an outpatient hospital setting. An injection is completed into the epidural space of the spinal cord, utilizing a local anesthetic and steroid or corticosteroid to surround associated nerve fiber and provide pain relief.  Epidural steroid injections relieve pain associated with nerve irritation in areas of the spine including the cervical (neck), thoracic (mid spine) and lumbar (low back) regions.

Steroid Joint injection:

Steroid joint injection is an in office procedure that is used to treat painful joints. An injection is completed into the painful joint, such as shoulder, elbow, small joints of hands or feet. An anesthetic medication and steroid/corticosteroid is introduced into the joint space. Conditions such as inflammatory arthritis, gout flares and bursitis can be treated with steroid joint injections.

Physical Therapy:

Physical therapy is an important part of the pain management treatment plan. A complete assessment, and treatment of physical limitations and functional mobility of each patient is completed by a physical therapist. The goal of physical therapy is to reduce pain, restore function and optimize a patient’s mobility and function.

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Counseling services

Pain is multi-faceted and often includes not only physical but mental involvement. Here at Izzy Pain and Wellness, we believe to effectively treat chronic pain, one must address the physical, emotional and psychological aspects that encompass each patient.


Spinal Cord Stimulation
Radiofrequency Ablation
Joint injections

  • Sacroilliac
  • Hip
  • Knee

Genicular Nerve Block

Chronic knee pain that is not relieved with conservative measures can be treated with a genicular nerve block. There are multiple branches of various nerves that supply the knee. These branches are known as genicular nerves. The nerve bundles are accessed with a needle under X-Ray guidance (fluoroscopy), and injected with a local anesthetic. The anesthetic “blocks” the nerve from sending pain signals to the brain. Genicular nerve block is an important diagnostic tool in determination of need for radiofrequency ablation. If there is at least a 50 percent reduction in pain, one may be a candidate for radiofrequency ablation if recommended by provider.

Radiofrequency ablation

Radiofrequency ablation is an outpatient procedure that utilizes an electrical current through a specialized needle, creating direct heat, to destroy nerve fibers that carry nerve signals to the brain. This can be completed in many areas that cause chronic pain including the neck, spine and knees. Within about four weeks, it is likely for the chronic pain to be greatly reduced by this procedure. For best pain relief outcome, it is encouraged to stay active and build surrounding muscle strength.

Trigger points

Steroid joint injection

Radiofrequency ablation


Spinal Cord Stimulation