At Izzy Pain and Wellness, our trained providers create an individualized treatment plan for every patient which includes an interventional pain management procedure along with medication and counseling.

Be rest assured that no matter the source of your pain, the providers and staff at Izzy Pain and Wellness are dedicated to diagnosing and treating your condition and coordinating your recovery.

Services rendered at our clinic include:

Medication management. Chronic pain is a terrible beast that has devastated lives, killed potentials and robbed many of their right to happiness. Most people with acute pain recovered, either spontaneously or through various interventions. However, there is a subset of the population that develop chronic pain and will live with the misery.

Hence, the Medical society finally recognized this menace of chronic pain and decided to designate “Pain” as the 5th Vital Sign.

When all interventions fail, we at Izzy Pain and Wellness are here for you.

We understand the uniqueness of every patient and how complex managing pain could be. We listen to you and help sift through the various narcotics and make decisions that will help to alleviate pain, improve your quality of life and keep you safe too.

Interventional Pain procedures. We also offer Trigger points injection, Steroid injection to joints such as knee, shoulder, elbow with features of inflammation and pain in the office setting. Other procedures like Cervical, lumbar epidural steroid injection with fluoroscopy, Medial Branch blocks, radiofrequency ablation of the lumbar facets or Genicular nerve of knees are done in hospital outpatient facility.

Counseling Service. We are getting things together to start professional counseling services. In the meantime, we make ourselves available to develop healthy relationship of trust and compassion. Our patients have, over the years, opened up to us about personal circumstances and limiting family dynamics. Our input has been a great light to many. Personal lives have improved, many went back towards career path and got great jobs, relationships have received healing and restoration. However, we encourage patients to seek professional Counselors and Therapist when necessary.